We’re happy to visit our dairy farm in Georgia again!

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It had been a while since we had the opportunity to visit our dairy farm in Georgia again. Due to Covid-19 it wasn’t possible to travel there for a long time. And when our new colleague Zjane left for Georgia this september to work and live on the farm for a year, she had to stay in quarantaine on a hotel room for 12 days.

But now the measures have been relaxed a bit and we took our chance to travel to Georgia. Our colleague Jouke is accompanied on his visit by Michiel Spriensma who will train the local staff on various agricultural issues (for example the use of the baler) and John van Winkoop, who is milking installation expert. 

Together they will help Zjane and the local team with the production of feed for the cows and the installation of the milking equipment. 

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