Sharing knowledge on sustainable business development

walnut trees transport

Within TGS there is a lot of knowledge and experience. We feel thankful for all the opportunities we got to gain this knowledge and experience. But we don’t want to keep this to ourselves, but to share it with the younger generations. And we don’t only want to share, we also want to collaborate with them.

This week our colleague Bouke gave a lecture for the students of International Land & Water Management from Wageningen University on the role of business in sustainable development. Business is an essential part in developing successful sustainable agriculture and although there is a lot of knowledge on agriculture available on Wageningen University, knowledge and experience on the business side is sometimes hard to find. We are happy and feel honored that we could contribute to this.

This afternoon we had our first meeting with a group of students from the CHE (a college in neighboring city Ede). The coming four months they will do some research on how we can flourish as a company in the light of the Covid-19 crisis that is hitting hard on the economy, national and international. How can we distinguish ourselves? We’re looking forward to hear the results on their research!

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