Our Services

Post Harvest Solutions

Storage, cold storage, processing equipment and market access. Our processing equipment includes drying, slicing, nut cracking and sorting.

Fruit and Nut solutions

Our solutions for high-yielding orchards include quality trees, irrigation design and set-up, and all equipment from planting to harvest, to make your orchard a success.

Irrigation solutions

Our irrigation solutions include well design, sprinker systems, drip irrigation, aquaponics, hydroponics and much more. 


We have developed a basic workflow that we apply in all our activities to create clear communication with our partners. The 5 steps outlined below will be tailored to fit your needs. Although we love to stand beside you from start to finish, sometimes the need is only on a certain step of the process. We can develop the business case and take a step back after implementation, only come alongside with specific expertise to build the business or make an assessment of your current business to see how it can develop further. Please enquire with us about the possibilities.

Finding a fit

Set up a skype/phone call with TGS to identify possibilities to partner. Feel free to contact us even for just some quick advice or feedback, free of charge.

Feasibility study / market research

A feasibility study is performed, either on a specific business idea or on identifying niches in the market. We can advise with different ideas we have built up throughout the years. Based on the initial feasibility study, advanced market research could be conducted.

Business plan development

Based on the initial feasibility study and/or advanced market research, a business plan is developed. The plan will indicate, among other things, profitability, investments, and a marketing approach.


We will provide you with all technical details, sourcing of materials, and supervision to build up your business on the ground. We will assign you to the right agricultural experts within TGS and, if needed, from our network.

Business development loop / mentoring

Business development never ends. To stay competitive, you have to keep innovating through lessons learned and feedback from your clients. TGS can partner with your business until a solid foundation for the business is sustained.