Plant trees for a better world and complete it with TGS irrigation

walnut trees transport

Recently there has been a lot of attention on the topic of planting trees for a better tomorrow, In the Netherlands, the Dutch Government stimulates farmers to integrate nut trees into their farm.

Planting nut trees has a lot of benefits:

–¬†a mixed cultivation system of trees and agriculture is good for biodiversity and soil fertility

Рthere is more and more attention for the health benefits of consuming nuts and therefore  the demand for nuts is increasing. Nuts are also very suitable as a meat substitute

Nut cultivation is an environmentally friendly cultivation

– Nut cultivation binds CO2

Enough reasons to start planting nut trees today! And while we see that more and more nut trees are planted, we also see that the demand for tailored irrigation systems is rising. And that is exactly the moment where TGS steps in. We have experience with the installation of irrigations systems and our irrigation expert Bouke is more than willing to find and design the best irrigation system for your orchard.

This year we installed an irrigation system on a walnut orchard in Bennekom. You can read more about this project here and on this page you can read about the different irrigation systems we offer.