From Hydroponics to Aquaponics

Setting up an Aquaponics farm

Aquaponics Kyrgystan

Oktober 2015 – December 2016


TGS has aided the startup of an aquaponics greenhouse that produces high-quality fish and vegetables. Our experts have facilitated the development of the business through conducting the initial feasibility study, doing market research and aiding with the technological knowledge required to set up and run an aquaponics farm. One of the core challenges has been the limited availability of agricultural materials, TGS experts have played a major role in adjusting the aquaponics technology to fit the local setting. Altough generally not recommended, sinple round pipes have served as a great basis, even for tomato production

As a first step hydroponics production on both lettuces and tomatoes has been started, lateron the step towards aquaponics will be made.

“It’s nice to know that there is a network around TGS that can offer specific know-how additional to the expertise of TGS staff members.”