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“One box with all the equipment, tools and expertise to start your agri-enterprise”

Our vision

“We drive positive change by establishing sustainable agribusinesses that build value chains and empower entrepreneurs.”

Why choose us?

When you choose us, you choose more than just consultation: we’re with you every step of the way.

The four steps of Business in a Box

1. Together we discover your business opportunity

  • Exploring the market
  • determining availability of resources
  • Examining your own capacity
  • Making business calculations with our ready-made sheets
  • Evaluating different options that could fit the criteria you determine

2. Get your Business-in-a-box

    • Do a happy dance
    • Box contains everything you need plus a list of things you would need from the local market. All crucial elements are in the box. Box tailored for you and your exact needs. Best combination that fits your budget

3. Combine your BIAB with local materials

    • Guide you in purchasing local materials and checking the quality
    • Assemble it yourself with our feedback and support
    • Installation manuals

4. Run your business succesfully

    • We supply training, manuals, and some E-support to have a backup when the unexpected happens and to celebrate your accomplishments
    • Cash flow sheets to help you keep track of your expenses and revenues

Reach out to start your successful agribusiness!

Contact us to get your own customized business-in-a-box.


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    We just might have the right solution for you. Check out our other brands.

    TGS Post-harvest solutions is a sub-brand of our company TGS agribusiness solutions.

    Our mission is to drive positive change by establishing sustainable agribusinesses that build value chains and empower entrepreneurs.

    We provide all the software and hardware you need to start a company from the ground up. By delivering both equipment and business consultation, we are able to ensure your company is sustainable, profitable, and purpose-driven.

    If you are looking for other products and services, we might be able to help you.

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    One of our other sub-brands is TGS Post-Harvest Solutions.

    We want to see you succeed in effectively processing fruits, vegetables, and nuts to preserve their quality while reducing food waste. At TGS, we understand the ins and outs of post-harvest processing methods and equipment, and with our insight into this market we want to help you make the best choice.

    Find out more about Business in a box by visiting the website.

    One of our other sub-brands is Fruit and nut solutions.

    We want to help you plant a high-yielding orchard of resistant trees and design and install irrigation tailored to your local context, as well as providing training on proper maintenance equipment and practices

    Our purpose is to provide everything you need for successful fruit and nut cultivation, from high-yielding resistant trees to irrigation tailored to your unique context, along with all the proper maintenance equipment and best-practice advice to ensure that your orchard succeeds year after year.

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    One of our other sub-brands is TGS Sustainable Irrigation Solutions

    Our goal is to create climate resilient farms with water efficient irrigation systems tailored to the local context–economically viable, relevant to the local market, and ideal for regional ecological conditions.

    We provide a variety of innovative irrigation solutions from low-tech drip systems to fully integrated aquaponics farms, optimizing your water management for precision control of water and nutrients, increased yield and product quality, improved water use efficiency, and reduction in weeds and insects.

    Find out more about Sustainable Irrigation Solutions by visiting the website.