In the spotlight: our Sustainable Irrigation Solutions

walnut trees transport
walnut trees transport

If you want to have a flourishing agricultural business with a high yield, the key often can be found in choosing the right irrigation system.

Over the years, we have been involved in many projects where irrigation had to be implemented or improved. And we are specialized in setting up aquaponics and hydroponics systems. An overview of all the projects that we have been involved in concerning sustainable irrigation solutions can be found in our portfolio. We select the most economic option for your project, we will asses everything from simple drip systems up to the more advanced hydroponics or aquaponics techniques.

As this is such a spearhead for us, we have decided to bundle all our expertise in a new TGS division: TGS Sustainable Irrigation Solutions. All the solutions we offer  in one package.

Our solutions range from well design and filtration systems to various irrigations systems and aquaponics and hydroponics. And of course we help you to access the market when your yield has improved significantly.

Our irrigation specialist Bouke Kappers is available for any questions your might have. Bouke studied international land & water management at Wageningen University and has a lot of experience in implementating and improving irrigation systems and aquaponics an hydroponics systems worldwide.

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