In the spotlight: our Post-Harvest Solutions

walnut trees transport
walnut trees transport

Do you have any question about storage, processing and/or packaging of your produce?

We have been involved with many orchard development projects over the years and we’ve decided the bundle all our expertise in a new TGS division: TGS Post-Harvest Solutions.

We have come to understand that having an abundant harvest of excellent quality does not automatically lead to a prospering business. Very often we see poorly developed value chains with limited opportunities for sales and processing. This is exactly  where TGS Post-Harvest Solutions comes in, we want to stand by your side to see how we can maximize product quality through correct harvesting techniques, processing and storage.

Our post-harvest specialist Jouke Spriensma is available for any questions your might have. Jouke has spent many years living and working on farms in Poland, Ukraine and Uzbekistan amongst others, besides this he has been involved with research on storage techniques at Wageningen University.

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