In the spotlight: our Fruit and Nut Solutions

walnut trees transport
walnut trees transport

“We want to help you plant a high-yielding orchard of resistant trees and design and install irrigation tailored to your local context, as well as providing training on proper maintenance equipment and practices”

Over the years, we have planted many fruit and nut orchards all over the world. And aim to walk with our customers from A to Z: from preparing the soil, selection of trees, installaton of a tailoired irrigation system and providing training and advice on maintaning the orchard. And when your orchard is flourishing we help you with choosing the right harvest equipment and give advice on storage and/or processing solutions. We see ourselves as hand-on experts who like to get our hands dirty in the field as well as providing business insights.

As this is such a spearhead for us, we have decided to bundle all our expertise in a new TGS division: TGS Fruit and Nut Solutions. All the solutions we offer  in one package. When you choose us, you choose more than just consultation: we’re with you every step of the way.

An overview of all the projects that we have been involved in concerning fruit and nut orchards can be found in our portfolio.

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