Fruit Farm

Successful fruit production and supporting local farmers with knowledge on fruit farming.

International and local partners

2012 – present


The goal of this company is to improve the local fruit production value chain through delivering high quality services and goods that help local entrepreneurs in the development of their own agribusiness activities. Agronomic, irrigation and business advice are of core importance. A 30 hectares farm form the basis of the business and will provide high quality fruits and a nursery will provide the necessary fruit trees to aid others as well.

A TGS fruit tree expert has spent several months on the farm and has aided in setting up a nursery and a large plantation. Regular follow-up visits and support from our Dutch office have ensured the profitable continuation of the farm. TGS has aided with market research, investments, advising on the development of the company and the start of new business activities. Currently 15 hectares of irrigated fruit tree production have been developed, production has started on the first 8 hectares and more lands are being prepared.

TGS has recruited professionals in the area of the business we have worked on from their vast network. They have been instrumental in encouraging us to develop solid business plans and cash-flow proformas.”