Expanding our agricultural activities to North Africa

walnut trees transport

For a long time TGS wanted to expand her activities to North-Africa. Why North-Africa? You might ask. Well, we see a lot of potential in this beautiful part of the world. North-Africa has a very rich culture, but also stunning nature with a variety of flora and fauna and a lot of agricultural opportunities. Unfortunately, we all know that the countries in this region have suffered under a lot of political upheaval the last years. This has also weakened the agricultural sector. We believe that precisely for that reason we can have a positive impact on the agricultural sector. And while Tunisia is one of the most stable countries in this region on the field of politics and economics, we want to start our work there.

From last year on, we have looked for a person who was willing to move to Tunisia to expand TGS TUNISIA. And we are very happy that we found Tijmen! Tijmen grew up in Spain. He came back to the Netherlands to study business administration and to do several language studies. St this moment he is learning Arabic. He is looking forward to his time abroad!

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