Are the orchards TGS plants suitable for carbon crediting?

Here you can read the conlusion of the research Wageningen Students did on this topic

research WUR carbon crediting

Planting trees makes us happy! And planting more trees makes us even happier.  Because carbon crediting is a trending topic these days, the question rose if the fruit and nut orchards we establish are suitable for a carbon crediting programme. A group of students from Wageningen University  investigated this for us and researched  how we can plant more trees. The conclusion: Certified carbon crediting is too expensive for small projects and the informal credit markets are generally lacking accountability.

Our solution? We do not fixate just on carbon crediting! We continue establishing orchards with local entrepreneurs that aim at reaching societal impact and through it we achieve all the benefits that reforestation brings, new forms of entrepreneurship, storing carbon and increased biodiversity.

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