During the summer months, we as TGS have been quite busy with writing different agricultural business plans for local partners in Ukraine and Georgia. For making a sound business plan, we conducted a local market research, gathered historical and technical data, created an investment plan, and performed a profitability and sensitivity analysis. We put all of these together in three separate and exclusive comprehensive reports, one for a circular pig rearing business site in Northern Ukraine, another for a similar pig rearing business in Western Georgia, and a plan for a vineyard in Eastern Georgia. We aim to design business plans that are sustainable on both financial prospects and social and environmental impacts. Our partners were happy with the wide-ranging insights, showing the strong points and potential opportunities, but also the weak spots and risks of the ideas. The Ukrainian business proposal turned out to be too risky and the Georgian proposals had good prospects. The result for our partners are two bankable business plans to be presented to investors.

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