About TGS

We are driving positive change by establishing sustainable agribusinesses that build value chains to empower local entrepreneurship. Our purpose is to initiate and support thriving agribusinesses which impact their communities.

We provide all the hardware and software necessary to start a company from the ground up. By delivering both equipment and business consultation, we are able to ensure your company is sustainable, profitable, and purpose-driven.

 In the last 10 years, TGS has succeeded in…

  • Initiating 24 companies
  • Providing a stable income for 57 families permanently employed in current projects
  • Planting over 60 hectares with fruit and nut trees

 Who we are

We are a group of experts who operate from the Netherlands as a private limited company or BV (similar to Ltd in the US) in the fields of agriculture, irrigation, agribusiness development, post-harvest processing, and value chain development who believe in providing all necessary expertise and equipment for agricultural startups and scale ups.

 What we do

TGS initiates and supports businesses worldwide through agribusiness advice and applied agricultural know-how. We combine our agricultural knowledge with personal experience gained in agricultural work and developing businesses in emerging economies to support entrepreneurs at every level, from sharing sustainable business ideas and completing feasibility studies to providing the necessary machinery and connecting our clients to business partners.

 We primarily initiate businesses in the following four divisions:

  • Water and Irrigation Solutions include drip and sprinkler irrigation, hydroponics, and aquaponics systems.
  • Fruit and Nut Solutions provide all the expertise and equipment to start profitably cultivating nut and fruit orchards.
  • Post-Harvest Solutions includes cold storage, product sorting and packing, and fruit and nut processing.
  • Business in a Box business plan development, farm planning and design, coaching and training

 Currently we are involved in supporting entrepreneurs in a wide range of agribusinesses. An aquaponics company in Kenya provides fish and fresh vegetables to an upscale grocery. A walnut orchard in Romania adds value by processing and packaging walnuts for export. An irrigation company in Uzbekistan makes it possible to grow high-yield fruits. A social farm in Ethiopia empowers young professionals to start their own aquaculture farms. A fruit drying factory in Uzbekistan is allowing local farmers to profitably export their produce. This is just a snapshot of the exciting work we’ve started, find out all about our companies in the Portfolio page.

The map below highlights the 16 countries in which we have already initiated successful businesses.

At TGS, it’s Personal

We see potential everywhere for agricultural businesses to thrive in emerging economies, especially where gaps in the supply chain prevent growth. We want to create agricultural companies which fill in value chain gaps to empower local entrepreneurs. Our vision is initiating and supporting vibrant agribusinesses which positively impact their communities.

 Let’s Connect!

We love working with local or international entrepreneurs who are looking to build a thriving business while having a positive impact on society. Additionally, we are open to partnering with businesses which have developed specific expertise in their field and want to use this expertise to have a transformative impact. If this sounds like you, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact form!



Transformation is at the heart of our activities. We contribute to economic transformation through supporting start-ups, the development of new business activities for existing companies  and strengthening the value chain.

We aim at social change through creating employment opportunities, supporting capacity building of employees and investing in projects that contribute to the well-being of the surrounding community.



The work of TGS centers around growth. Firstly because our businesses aim at growing agricultural produce, whether it’s about vegetables, fruits or animals.

We support companies in expending their activities, leading to economic growth and we believe that our operations aid people to grow personally in, skills, knowledge and competences. Whether this is through running a business or working as an employee.



Sustainability is a critical factor to take into account in agribusiness due to the close interactions of agriculture with the ecosystem. We integrate our experience on business, agriculture and ecology to achieve a sustainable business model.

TGS understands the importance of having a lasting agribusiness that generates a profit while taking the environment into account. Therefore we capture the CO2  from our travels through investing in reforestation.