All our business aim at transforming society through social-entrepreneurship. We therefore love to work with local or international entrepreneurs that are looking for a positive impact of their business in society, while making a healthy profit. Besides this, we are open to partner with businesses that have developed specific expertise in their field and would love to use this expertise to have a transformative impact elsewhere.

We support entrepreneurs through sharing sustainable business ideas, feasibility studies, market research, writing business plans and connecting our clients to the relevant business partners. We work in close collaboration with knowledge partners such as Wageningen University and a number of successful businesses that we have initiated and that we partner with on the long term.

One of the approaches we favor is Lean start-up, we always look for sustainable business models that are scalable and allow for a lean approach during the initial phases.

Currently, we are involved in the development of a wide range of agribusinesses: aquaponics, hydroponics, aquaculture, chicken farming, livestock fattening, animal feed production, fruit & vegetable production and Almond production. Next, to our agribusiness activities, we run a factory that produces prefab housing materials and we are involved in a schooling project that aims to integrate agriculture in the educational program. We are running projects in Egypt, Ethiopia, Kyrgystan, Moldova, Morocco, Palestine, Somaliland, Argentinia, Uganda and The Netherlands.

TGS Business and development initiatives is involved in initiating and supporting businesses worldwide. We partner with businesses at all levels of society, from initiating and supporting local businesses to the development of large commercial farms.



Transformation is at the heart of our activities. We contribute to economic transformation through supporting start-ups, the development of new business activities for existing companies  and strengthening the value chain.

We aim at social change through creating employment opportunities, supporting capacity building of employees and investing in projects that contribute to the well-being of the surrounding community.



The work of TGS centers around growth. Firstly because our businesses aim at growing agricultural produce, whether it’s about vegetables, fruits or animals.

We support companies in expending their activities, leading to economic growth and we believe that our operations aid people to grow personally in, skills, knowledge and competences. Whether this is through running a business or working as an employee.



Sustainability is a critical factor to take into account in agribusiness due to the close interactions of agriculture with the ecosystem. We integrate our experience on business, agriculture and ecology to achieve a sustainable business model.

TGS understands the importance of having a lasting agribusiness that generates a profit while taking the environment into account. Therefore we capture the CO2  from our travels through investing in reforestation.