TGS Agribusiness Solutions

Irrigation solutions

Our irrigation solutions include well design, sprinker systems, drip irrigation, aquaponics, hydroponics and much more. 

Post Harvest Solutions

Storage, cold storage, processing equipment and market access. Our processing equipment includes drying, slicing, nut cracking and sorting.

Fruit and Nut solutions

Our solutions for high-yielding orchards include quality trees, irrigation design and set-up, and all equipment from planting to harvest, to make your orchard a success.

“Our purpose is to initiate and support thriving agribusinesses which impact their communities”

TGS - Activities


We are driving positive change by establishing sustainable agribusinesses that build value chains to empower local entrepreneurship. Our purpose is to initiate and support thriving agribusinesses which impact their communities.

We provide all the hardware and software necessary to start a company from the ground up. By delivering both equipment and business consultation, we are able to ensure your company is sustainable, profitable, and purpose-driven.



Curious to learn more? We are now offering the opportunity for a free consultation via Skype. We would like to use the opportunity to provide you with direct advice that will aid your business at this moment as well as looking for opportunities to partner in the future.

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TGS - Activities


We primarily initiate businesses in the following four divisions:

  • Water and Irrigation Solutions include drip and sprinkler irrigation, hydroponics, and aquaponics systems.
  • Fruit and Nut Solutions provide all the expertise and equipment to start profitably cultivating nut and fruit orchards.
  • Post-Harvest Solutions includes cold storage, product sorting and packing, and fruit and nut processing.
  • Business in a Box business plan development, farm planning and design, coaching and training


Decoupled aquaponics Kenya

Decoupled aquaponics Kenya

By growing food aquaponically within a city, plant density is increased and transport distances are decreased, resulting in more efficient farming and fresher produce.

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Dutch girlpower on Georgian dairy farm

Dutch girlpower on Georgian dairy farm

While it is already a bit unusual to be a girl and work on a farm in the Netherlands, it is a really rare sight in Georgia. In this video Zjane, a powergirl who currently works on our dairy farm in Georgia, tells about how her passion for cows arose and how it is like to work on a dairy farm in Georgia

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Looking back and forward

Looking back and forward

Amidst some chaos we started three entirely new ventures to create healthy value chains that support local entrepreneurs and uplift their communities. Besides these we have helped multiple entrepreneurs with the right equipment for their businesses to prosper.

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