UniQa Wall Systems

Developing and managing a panel factory

Aart Koelewijn (Dutch entrepreneur)
Anatol Melancea (Moldovan entrepreneur)

July 2015 – Present


UniQa Wall Systems is a Moldovan Company that uses high quality techniques to construct walls, floors and roofs. The products are being built with sandwich panels using an innovative patented Dutch technology. Besides producing prefabricated houses, UniQa Wall Systems also provides sandwich panels for house extension, house renovation and small recreational houses. The factory has been set up in the south of Moldova. Besides creating employment, UniQa will also provide skills training and capacity development to its employees and partners. Currently eight Moldovan staff members have been trained and production will be started in the first quarter of 2017.

We have developed a partnership that brings together global expertise and local know-how in the innovative building industry. In this project we combine experience from partners in Moldova, The Netherlands and the US.. As a shareholder TGS is responsible for the development of the business with special emphasis on the financial management and overall project management.

“Wisdom and strategic thinking has been critical from the very embryonic stage of the venture to the negotiation of the property, budgeting, hiring the team, marketing activities and negotiating contracts and presentation to customers. At all stages TGS staffmembers have proven to be well equipped professionally and socially as to provide the necessary teamwork, leadership and fundraising.”