Manager cheese factory – Central Asia

Project description
A dairy farm has been started 10 years ago, by a local entrepreneur to develop the dairy sector in his region. The 80-cow farm is located near the capital. Our plan is to set up a cheese factory, making use of the milk coming from the dairy farm and other farms in the region. For this cheese making unit we are looking for a manager who wants to work at least one year on the farm to set up and manage the cheese making process.

Job description
We are looking for a manager that will take responsibility for the following tasks:

  • Oversee the whole cheese-making process
  • Quality management
  • Leading a team of 2-3 local staff members
  • Co-operating with local milk producers

Managing a business in a foreign country requires independence, vision, initiative and hard work. World Partners will support you and the unit to make it a successful initiative. We expect the following skills/knowledge:

  • You have study/work background in business and/or international development
  • You are flexible, cultural sensitive and independent
  • You speak English at a good level
  • Speaking Russian is an advantage

What can you expect from us?
You will be trained in the Netherlands on cheese making and doing business in an international environment. You will be coached and supervised by business experts from the Netherlands. Your salary will be partly from the business and partly from donors.

Contact us
Interested and/or want to know more? Please send an e-mail with your motivation and a cv to