Entrepreneur for poultry business, Central Asia

Project description In cooperation with a successful poultry farm in in Central Asia, we want to start new poultry companies in the region. The company has been involved in the establishment of more than 500 small chicken farms in central Asia over the past 6 years. The chicken company uses a Micro-Franchise concept. In this concept farmers are trained in business management and equipped to start small chicken farms ranging from 100 to 5000 egg-laying chickens. The main activities of the company are:

  • Providing training in rearing chickens and business management
  • Establishing micro-Enterprises
  • Developing, producing and selling high quality feed
  • Coordinating sales of chickens and equipment

Job description We are looking for an entrepreneur who is enthausiatic to be involved in starting up new poultry business activities in Central Asia. You will be part of a small team of entrepreneurs living and working in Central Asia. This job will require living in Central-Asia.

Your tasks:

  • Aiding in the further development of the company
  • Managing (one of) the departments of the company
  • Training
  • Feed, egg and poulet production
  • Supervising local project staff

About us We have the vision that good poultry companies can help local farmers to support their families and serve their community with producing high quality food products. The chicken companies have a holistic approach to development, which means that economic development should go hand in hand with capacity building and strengthening local communities. You will be part of a small team of entrepreneurs that will start and manage the (new) poultry company.

Requirements For this job we are looking for someone with a background in the poultry sector. We are looking for someone who is persistent and willing to put all his/her efforts in starting up a business that aims to have an impact on the community. The job is for at least two years, but can be extended.

Contact us Interested and/or want to know more? Please send an e-mail with your motivation and a cv to info@tgrantservices.com