Developing a Aquaponics business model for Urban Africa through setting up a pilot business in Nairobi, Kenya

Tinder Limited
Wageningen University

Juli 2017 – December 2018



TGS has initiated an innovative Aquaponics pilot business in the outskirts of Nairobi. An aquaponics greenhouse of around 1000m2 will be established to prove the business opportunity of aquaponics vegetable growing. As part of the project, market research will be performed to identify the niche market, while also getting Nairobi hooked on to the concept of aquaponics. The goal of the farm is to develop a viable business model for African entrepreneurs to meet the growing demand for healthy locally grown vegetables in urban Africa. A decoupled aquaponics system will be constructed, with separate fish rearing units and deep-water-culture vegetables beds.

TGS has secured the expertise of Wageningen University, Tinder ltd and Upande to make this project succeed.